Welcome to POV Home Watch!

Our blog will include information relevant to home and property owners in West Central Florida. We offer home watch services that verify a property is secure and being maintained while the owner is away. We do that by providing weekly or bi-weekly visits to the property with a custom checklist and digital photo evidence. Photos and checklists are emailed after each visit. Owners are immediately contacted with any concerns and when issues are discovered.

Since 2014, our home watch services have been provided to snowbirds, vacationers, international residents, trustees, homeowners selling their vacant home and remote owners of short-term and long-term rental homes.

  • We verify that your property is secure and being maintained.
  • We monitor for issues that may affect your HOA compliance.
  • We are advocates for absentee homeowners and can act as a liaison between contractors, associations, and anyone you authorize.
  • Our reports and photos improve communications between homeowners and the service professionals who are contracted to maintain your property.
  • Our reports and photos preserve evidence that can mitigate insurance claims, catastrophic loss, damage or theft.
  • We offer keyholder services and can accept deliveries or manage home openings and closings.
  • Our presence deters intruders and squatting.
  • We provide weather alerts and can develop pre and post storm plans.
  • We work with gated communities and homes with security alarms.
  • We offer peace of mind, knowing that your home is being looked-after by professionals who have your best interests at heart.

POV Home Watch is located in Hudson, Florida, serving West Pasco, Hernando, and Northern Hillsborough counties.

For more information about POV Home Watch, please contact Brenda and Mike Martyniak at 727-868-6059.